So back in early 2009 when I was still a fresh and relatively excitable Forex trader I saw this show on BBC called The Million Dollar Traders. Apart from the entertainment value the show offered, I was quite impressed with the work ethic both Lex and Anton exhibited during the show. Little did I know that I will be learning the professional trading approach 4 years later from the man himself, Anton Kreil.

I have been receiving a lot of emails from fellow traders lately who are interested in learning more about the Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) that I decided to write a whole review about it and help answer questions.

First off, the Institute already provides an overview of the course with accompanying videos explaining the course content and their target audience so this is the place to get first-hand information:

PTM FAQs and modules

After purchasing the course, you will get instant access to all trading videos and can start learning right away.

The course begins with fundamental information around the typical retail trader profile and covers the differences between the retail and professional trading approach. As soon as the gaps have been established it already gets down and dirty to the nitty-gritty of all the aspects a trader needs to consider in order to monetize his views on the market.

You will learn the general framework you need to use to generate your own market views. The course will guide you through all the steps you need to take to filter out the good trading ideas from the bad.

The resources (spreadsheets) that come with the videos are also worth gold. There are a couple of “monster” spreadsheets you can download which in my opinion are already worth more than the course itself.

 Along with the online course, the Institute also offers a one-day boot camp to all students who have newly signed up to the PTM. The boot camp is a small group of around 15 students only so it is a great opportunity to cover all questions about the modules and network with fellow traders as well. Anton runs the boot camp and he goes through the whole PTM trading approach from start to finish. I recommend attending the boot camp only once you have completed (and understood) the whole course so you can come prepared with your questions and trading ideas and make the most out of the day.

After finishing the course a few weeks later I must say that following the PTM approach will definitely help you filter out “stupid” trades and will help you stay focused and disciplined. You will learn how to work on a pipeline of trades so you will have a constant supply of trading ideas to service your own trading portfolio.

I have also compiled a list of FAQs I have received over the last couple of weeks below:

What is the course like?

I was a self-taught trader and learned everything I know through self-study and reading loads of books + experience.  I do know a thing or two about finance, can read balance sheets, understand the basics of macroeconomics  etc. However, the PTM course material is not something you will learn by studying traditional trading books or visiting a “trading seminar”. This is way, way, way more and the knowledge you will gain will set you apart from the herd.

The course is very extensive so it helps if you have a general interest in global economics / finance and have a real hunger for making money.

How do you find the course? Was is hard/easy?

I personally found the course very interesting and fun. The instructor did put in some effort into adding a few comical elements which helps with your learning but then again, as he rightly says, “We do not get paid to be entertained.”

It can be a bit dry crunching data or creating charts but that’s all part of the proce$$. I am thoroughly enjoying it!

Is it a lot to go through?

There are 28 videos in total with an average length of 45 – 60 minutes each (some more, some less) so it is manageable. The instructor focuses on the core learning points in each module so you do not get lost in details. There is also a lot of repetition which helps reinforce the concepts of each module.

Can I do this with a full-time job?

Short answer: Yes, it can be done within anything between a couple of weeks to a couple of months.
I signed up for the course on  28 July 2013 and completed the exams on 26 August 2013 whilst having a full-time job so theoretically the course can be completed in less than 4 weeks if done full-time. As with anything, it all pretty much depends on the student and his individual schedule / commitments / learning pace.

The actual implementation itself requires a couple of hours work each week but it can easily work around any schedule.

Are you opted for the lifetime or just for a month?

I have signed up for the unlimited access simply because I will not want to miss out on any future updates. In hindsight, the 1-month option would have sufficed, however it turns out I did make the right decision after all.

Did you go to a seminar or took the online course ?

I went to one of the introductory seminars (Trading the Truth) and took the course online.

How different is it from sort of ‘normal’ and ‘conventional’ trading and investing knowledge?

The majority of all professional traders use the approach that is being taught in the PTM. The course has been structured in a way that enables retail traders to emulate successful professional traders

Is it like the eye opener for us retailers, that gives and teaches us the knowledge and provides us the tools to consistently trade profitably?

Yes, a true eye-opener indeed. Especially if all the trading educations you previously had were from books about technical analysis :D or some trainer with no professional background. By the way, in the Trading the Truth seminar you will learn how to spot a professional trader.

Does Anton give you some support after the training finishes? Can you ask him about trading ideas, etc.?

Anton offers personal mentoring which is currently by application only. Check the Instutrade website for more details.

Did the course provide you with knowledge regarding FX and indexes or is it more focused on trading stocks and other instruments that us small retail traders don’t really trade?

The course teaches you the framework to follow in building your own market views so you get to connect the dots. The conclusion you draw from your market views and sentiments can be easily translated into trading ideas which can be applied to trading the instrument of your choice. So say for example if you believe the UK economy will outperform the US then you can go long the Cable or go long on the FTSE100 and short the S&P500 (the course teaches you how to come to these types of conclusions).

Does the course teach me a trading strategy?

No, the course offers you something much better and more profound than that. You learn how to create your own strategy following the principles within the PTM’s framework. It’s like teaching you the alphabet. Instead of learning certain words (=learning a trading system), you learn the whole alphabet so you get to write words, essays, novels – whatever you want!

Well basically in your opinion was it worth the $2999?

Geez, I know of trading courses that charge so much more and only teach you how to draw lines on the chart, use indicators and read candles :D. The course is definitely worth more than its price.

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11 Responses so far.

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for this review – it’s very helpful. I’m now going to invest in the course myself.

    Thanks again,

    - Josh.

  2. Jo says:

    Look forward to seeing how much cash you make.
    Will you be posting gains losses (like your SB experiment?)



    • Hi Jo,

      The blog format will definitely change as going through each trade will take a lot more time than it used too. I will still continue to post my performance but it would be more around monthly rather than weekly / daily.

  3. Very useful update. I was trying to find answers to a few questions before I decide to commit time and money to the course.

    I have sent you a separate note on your website.


  4. Sridhar Balakrishna says:

    Hi there.

    Do you use any trading software (eg. Metastock, etc.) that is recommended by the Institute or otherwise for your analysis? If yes, do you use real-time or EOD?

    Also, do you intend to use the mentoring program with the ITPM?


  5. Johan Van Cutsem says:

    What spreadbet chick is saying here is true, I also opted for the life time access, so you can review and and learn at your own pace + have access when ITPM comes out with new vids.
    Best 3000$ ever spend, for me it is a steep learning curve since I have little background in economics but I am starting to feel the knowledge pouring in me :), starting to get it all sorted, I will probably go through with the mentor program once I have taken the exam. Goodluck to all who will take the step, you wil be pleasantly surprised.

  6. best of luck with the course, it does look like a very good course, but I certainly cant justify a £2999 price tag! that’s a lot of books and reading material you could buy with that.

    So I will be watching closely with interest to see how you get on.

  7. Igor says:

    Thanks for the review. I echo everything that you have said. I took the course myself and I can say that I have yet to see someone with so much experience and knowledge about the markets trying to help out the retail trader. I personally worked for TD Ameritrade (who now owns Investools – also provides investor education) and they charge 25K for their PHD programs. I can personally say that those courses do not come CLOSE to PTM – they teach you to spot charting patterns. Can’t really be a good trader if #1, you dont’ have a system, and #2…all you do is look at technicals. (my 2 cents)

    Thanks again for the thorough review!

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